As far as studying, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my choices at your age:

1) I didn't do science at school, and then went on to do a B.SC at university  - 
it was a S T R U G G L E !! 

2) I studied Dietetics, and have never used it, rather using other subjects like Bio Chemistry for job positions, which held me in good steady jobs in my youth.

3) I picked up a camera 8 years ago and have had less than 10 hours formal training. So what I am saying is that 3 years of training amounts to nothing if you don’t have the passion.

4) EVERYTHING about my photography is hard work, passion and finding answers by reading and researching - and way more learning than anything else I have studied. 

5) I knew what I liked, and that made it easier to know what I needed to master. You are NOT going to get it right after 3 shots until you have heaps of experience and there are always moments of disillusion in any profession. Try and try again.

6) A career in photography is pretty difficult to support a family, unless you find a niche and a way to stand apart everyone else, as there are a LOT of us out there!  It is, however, a wonderful hobby, side-line and supplementary income and something you will always use.


These are my thoughts - and that's part of your journey to listen, listen, listen, and make educated choices.

But let’s get back to the course
Every morning we will do photography theory, then practical shooting, and then we will edit our photos in Photoshop.

But it’s not all yak yak, I would rather guide you as we shoot. 
I will provide models and if you are keen, I will also use YOU and you can get some cool shots of yourself that way. That’s optional though, just fun.
You don’t have to know much, and we move pretty quickly as we have a lot to cover. I will give you a mini test each morning so you will have homework every day.
Some of the things you will learn:

- Getting to know your camera and the menu 
- Camera settings 
- How to expose correctly 
- How to get sharp well focused images
- What’s your  style 
- How to edit in Photoshop – I share my processing methods and shortcuts.
- Understanding the importance of light

I can provide workstations with Photoshop for you, and I have spare cameras so perhaps don't go out and buy one until I have advised you. It's not only portraiture; we will learn all aspects of photography such as landscapes, but mainly people.
You will have enough knowledge to get out there and start shooting and editing your photos.  If you love it I will be having an intermediate to advanced class at some stage including advanced lighting.

The course includes 2 of my book-sets, and a bunch of my personal Photoshop actions.

Email me for details, dates and venues.

The course will run in Durban, Cape Town and Gauteng over the school holidays. Maximum 6 per group. Lunch is provided.



“A photographer understands light and aperture, an artist understands people on an emotional level. To be a great photographer is to make people realise how beautiful they are. " CJ

I love my work, and I think with anything, there comes a time where you want to give back. You can never stop learning, but for a while now, things have pretty much settled down now in terms of what works best for me. SO I started writing down some books which is really like baring your soul and your secrets and all the years and time put into my love of portrait photography.


If you like my photography you will LOVE my booksets because everything I know is in them !!

I share with you exactly how I shoot, where I stand, my photoshop processes, even down to copies of my quotes. SO before you buy them, just have a quick squizz at my work to make sure you like it LOL

Taking Control of your Camera - what lens is best for body shots or close up shots, should you use a prime or zoom, What F stop is best, and lots more. Get to know the essentials of your camera.

Essential skills in Photography - lets get out there and perfect your focus and exposure. And once that becomes second nature, you can really concentrate on capturing your own style. Light is my secret weapon, all light at all times of the day.

Master Photoshop - how are you processing your images, I show you my processing methods, and provide you with actions on a DVD of my most used black and white actions as well as pretty much any action I use. The better your exposure, the less you need to spend time editing. But if they need an extra sparkle, well then I'll show you how!

ANd as an added bonus, just in case you already have a website:

Your website and Marketing - whats the non-paid traffic like to your website. Simple tricks that make you noticed by the search engines. And some really essential marketing tools that took me to a new level, including social media.

Organize! - This truly was my biggest challenge but once I had sorted out a system of replying to queries on my email I could spend more time with my camera. I show you what has made emailing a pleasure, , how to make headers that your clients actually love to see and lots more...

Whether photography is a hobby or your business, my books should inspire you.

Books come in a neat funky package.

Launch Price : To South African R399 and to overseas, incl postage $45


I will be so honoured if you choose my workshop because it means somehow I have inspired you. In return I offer you my knowledge, enthusiasm and ‘open book’ attitude to help you grow as a photographer.

Do you look at your pictures and wonder why they look like snap shots and not like those photographs in magazines?  Do you battle to get sharp, focused images?  Have you always wanted to take better pictures of your children or thought about starting a photography business?  Are you a professional photographer who requires some inspiration to take your work to the next level? 

It's time to get snapping and be guided in a practical way with me helping you as you shoot.

Day 1:

Mastering your exposure and focus

Lets look at your cameras and adjust your settings to get the most out of your camera. Are you metering correctly? Should you shoot JPEG or RAW? How are you focusing? All the questions answered.

Learn about the importance of Depth of Field, my personal trademark in Portraiture.

Follow me as we work in small groups with my models, both children and teens. Learn how to find beautiful natural light in any location and meter perfectly every time.

Lets edit those photos with my personal processing technique (instructions now provided, so no writing down) and my personal proofing actions. Whether or not you can snap a awsome image, you will fall short if you don’t have a clean and distinct style of editing.

After working so hard we'll have an a fab lunch before an afternoon shoot with new models.

Achieve bright colours, and perfect skin tones.


An underexposed image on the left

Learn about the importance of perfect exposure by learning to watch your histogram.



An overexposed image and the corresponding detail in the Histogram

Day 2:

Learn my workflow technique and major time savers

A similar day but now we expect to see some results! Focus on posing and composition of our model, ideal clothes, finding texture and interesting shapes, looking for natural frames. Learn what makes a snapshot a portrait.

Learn to work with more challenging light such as backlight, direct sun and deep shade.

Learn more advanced photoshop techniques and styles.


Achieving the ultimate black and white portrait.

Who should come?


My workshop is a fun relaxed environment for those photographers who have a basic understanding of aperture and shutter speeds. You do not have to be shooting in manual.

You will need a lens with a minimum F2.8 Fstop, preferably a prime lens.

You will need to have used photoshop before or alternatively come on my beginners crash course in photoshop.


Beginners Course:
Suits  beginners with a basic knowledge of camera functions and ideally a very basic knowledge of photoshop.  Workstations with photoshop provided and lens available to borrow if you do arrive with “kit” lens (those provided with camera) (A "catch up" private available before the session if you are unsure how to use your camera or have never worked with photoshop -) (Look out for my beginners photoshop booklet due next year)

Intermerdiate course:
Intermediate hobbyists and those wanting to enter the field of professional photography. Workstation provided if you do not have a laptop. It is essential that you have a basic understanding of photoshop or attend my beginners photoshop prior to this course.

On application please state the equipment you have, what level you are and what you hope to achieve from the workshop.

R2200 for the weekend or for the Saturday and two Wed evenings

Includes the booklets and actions

50% deposit required on acceptance
Small informal and fun atmosphere



Lunch and snacks, coffee, wine... whatever gets you feeling awesome!

My portraiture booklet trio now on
1)Camera Settings
2) Capture – From snap shot to portrait
3) Post processing using Photoshop.
4) Free membership to my Portraiture Club where you join me on location and we get together for a good old yak..



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