What happens at your Modeling Sessions?

I take photos, lots! In a variety of settings. You can come on your own or with a friend and I do both individual and group shots.

Groups are small - usually 6 girls.

You will learn how to walk on a ramp, turn, take off a jacket etc too. Its really loads of fun and a good intro.

To get the shots I really want you to be having fun!


Is it only for girls that want to Model?

Absolutely NOT!! I dont like using the word Model as it can be so off- putting to the many girls that I have photographed, and been inspired by... I love any new face!

And often the girls that are a bit nervous in the beginning, end up being my best subjects.


What must I wear?

Each session we have a different theme - it also depends on the seasons and weather. Themes could be vintage, black and white, a session at the beach or stables etc

Each session we also do a bit of studio work and a bit of walking etc
You do not have to buy clothes, its all about mixing and matching (and borrowing!)

I love it if you bring your hobbies into the sessions, so be sure to tell me what they are.


How many sessions do I attend?

Five sessions, one of which is a beach session.


What does it take to be a model?

The physical requirements to be model are relatively few, it’s the mental requirements that will most likely be the make-it or break-it factors in the success of your career as a model.

A main requirement is determination, and time. Once you become a model and the jobs start coming in, you’ll be surprised by a couple of things. First, jobs will “pop up” seemingly, at the last minute.

Many Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design firms, and photographers often react to last-minute client demands. The ability to be available for those last-minute projects will get you quite a few projects. . Modeling Agencies will love the fact that you will be available to them when they need you.

Gigs are often "once off" and short, so you need to establish a relationship with a few agencies. You need to be able to get to these gigs too, either with your parents or your own car.

So marketing yourself is very important.

In the meantime, you can work on your self confidence, your portfolio, your poses (natural ones).

Many agencies like to employ models that are natural and whose poses arent forced or false. Stay true to yourself and you will get jobs that suit you, your looks and your lifestyle.


How do I market myself?

Make a Z-card and circulate it around your area to all the agencies. A Z-card (or comp card) is a card with a head shot, body shot, smiling shot and with your dimensions written on (height etc).

Send an email every now and then reminding the agencies that you are available.

Send it to advertising agencies, modeling agencies, graphic designers and photographers.

Don't oversell yourself, play it down. It can be off-putting when someone acts like a supermodel posing all over the place!

The look today is natural, fresh and healthy looking girls with good skin and teeth.

It really does take determination!!

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