“A photographer understands light and aperture, an artist understands people on an emotional level. To be a great photographer is to make people realise how beautiful they are. "

I love my work, and I think with anything, there comes a time where you want to give back. You can never stop learning, but for a while now, things have pretty much settled down now in terms of what works best for me. SO I started writing down some books which is really like baring your soul and your secrets and all the years and time put into my love of portrait photography.

Cathy Joubert


I would be honoured if you chose my workshop because it means somehow I have inspired you. In return I offer you my knowledge, enthusiasm and ‘open book’ attitude to help you grow as a photographer.

Do you look at your pictures and wonder why they look like snapshots and not like those photographs in magazines?  Do you battle to get sharp, focused images?  Have you always wanted to take better pictures of your children or thought about starting a photography business?  Are you a professional photographer who requires some inspiration to take your work to the next level? 

It's time to get snapping and be guided in a practical way with me helping you as you shoot.

Beginners Course:

If you are shooting mostly in Auto, and want to start taking control of your camera and start taking your hobby further, then this is the workshop for you. A  basic knowledge of camera functions and ideally a very basic knowledge of photoshop will be an advantage. I do have an "ultra beginners catch up day" prior to the workshop, so the group can be at similar levels and move at a fairly fast pace.   Workstations with photoshop provided and lens available to borrow if you do arrive with “kit” lens (those provided with camera) .

This is available as a weekend course, or a Saturday and two Wednesday evenings 

Cost: R2400 including lunch.

Informal and fun atmosphere

Intermediate course:

Suits intermediate hobbyists and those wanting to enter the field of professional photography. At this stage you should own a laptop, have Photoshop and have a lens that has a F Stop of at least 2.8.  It is essential that you have a basic understanding of photoshop or attend my beginners Photoshop prior to this course.

On application please state the equipment you have, what level you are at.

Cost: R2400 for the weekend or for the Saturday and two Wed evenings. Also available as a 5 mornings a week bootcamp. 

50% deposit required on acceptance / Small informal and fun atmosphere

Day 1: (sample course)

Mastering your exposure and focus

Lets look at your cameras and adjust your settings to get the most out of your camera. Are you metering correctly? Should you shoot JPEG or RAW? How are you focusing? All the questions answered.

Learn about the importance of Depth of Field, and how to use it to get beautiful portraits while still keeping the image perfectly sharp.  Follow me as we work in small groups with my models, both children and teens. Learn how to find beautiful natural light in any location and meter perfectly every time. Lets edit those photos with my personal processing technique (instructions now provided, so no writing down) and my personal proofing actions. Whether or not you can snap a awsome image, you will fall short if you don’t have a clean and distinct style of editing.

After working so hard we'll have an a fab lunch before an afternoon shoot with new models.

Day 2:

Today we recap our camera settings, and head off to shoot again. This time we will learn more challenging light such as backlighting and haze. We will also learn how to pose our model so they appear comfortable and relaxed.

Then its back to editing our images and learning some beautiful actions such as a perfect black and white and my colour pop action.  I will also show you how to optimise your images for web use.

You will leave armed with practical tools and have a much clearer understanding of the imortance of exposure and light. You will also have cut short months of trying and testing Photoshop techniques, by learning my tried and tested methods. 


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