In her forthcoming series of instructional books, Durban photographer, Cathy Joubert shares a serving of  photographic instruction and inspiration.

Her open book attitude minimises theory and gets down to the practical side of photography, leaving you inspired to pick up your camera and try the technique for yourself. " While it is important to understand the theory behind photography, nothing works better than being guided out there by someone who's photos you actually like."

The booklets cover all the needs of the photographer from your equipment, your camera settings, mastering focus and exposure to your post processing techniques. 

Book 1:
A Practical guide to Portraiture

In this, the first in my series of practical guides, I begin with the basics on essential camera settings,  exposure, and lens choice.  

I then move on to achieving perfect focusing and touch on photo composition techniques. I believe that before you can unleash your creativity, you need to master exposure and focus. That means understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and available light.  Once you have confidence in achieving well exposed images, and well focused images, you will have time to have fun with your subject and that will show in each image. That is essentially when a photographer "gets it" and the difference will show immediately.

 I will guide you through the journey of taking the images you will be proud of.  And that essentially means well exposed, focused and images that convey your message .

Book 2:
How to make the most of natural light

I love natural light photography and the stunning portraits  that different light can produce. Light is the magic ingredient in photography and affects your exposure as well as sets the mood for your portrait.

Natural light is freely available any time of the day. Be it glorious early morning sun or window light, each type of light has its own special effect.

In this book I share all my settings, from aperture to ISO, as well as my postion in relation to the light source. I will also show you how to get beautiful catchlights in the eyes of your subject.

Bookset FAQ

What do your books offer that other books don’t?
I have written books that I wish I could have read when I started photography. Practical books that tell you how to shoot, how to expose etc. I am not explaining the different ways to focus, I am telling you how I focus to get the sharpest images. I have done the reading and tried all the ways and I think am using my camera to its max!

Why a kit, why not just one book?
Photography is dynamic and things change so quickly as well as there are so many aspects to it like landscape, portraiture, Macro etc so I feel it’s a way to keep the books up to date and bring out new ones all the time. They are also more affordable than one book which dates so quickly. I am also writing with both hobbyist and professionals in mind.

I like the idea of the booklets being accessible to you so I provide them in a box in which you can also store the “cheat sheets “ and charts I provide you with for easy access.

What else are you writing about?
Macro is one of my favourite subjects and I took a year off to pursue my love of floral photography, so I am definitely spending some time on that subject.

My future book titles are
Photoshop for beginners
Photoshop for advanced
Making the most of Black and White
Posing guide for portraiture
How I took that portrait – all the settings, including lighting.
Landscape photography

Do you have an email version?
Yes , I can email you the book

Where can I buy your book?
At present I post you the book, postage is included (ordinary mail) If you want it couried, I offer that option too

How much is the book?
You receive 2 books in a box that can sit next to your computer and store charts and other useful things.

Cost in SA is R395 incl postage
Cost elsewhere is $55 incl postage

Do you have a forum or support?
I am setting up a live forum which will also help me understand more of what my audience needs help with.

Are you running any workshops in the future?
From 2014 I will be running 4 bootcamps a year – 3 in Durban and 1 in Gauteng. I will also run one in the school holidays aimed at the high school child. My workshops are intensive and I prefer to minimize theory and rather get out there and shoot the real thing with me helping you along with all aspects of photography from exposing to getting more creative.

Dates for 2014 in Durban

March 29th – weekend workshop

May 6th - 5 mornings in a week workshop

July school holidays (for school kids) – 5 mornings

Aug 17th - (Gauteng) - weekend

Oct 4th - weekend

I am open to doing workshops anywhere.


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